2020 Graduation

2020 Graduation
Posted on 05/20/2020
2020 Class photo

Dear Seniors and Parents,

Graduation is always a special time of the year.  In fact, the time I get to spend with the Seniors each year at Graduation Practice is my most favorite time of the year. As you know this year’s graduation ceremony will be different.  However, that does not mean it won’t be memorable and it will definitely be the most unique one ever.  We are going to have a parade, diploma cover pick up, walk across the stage and get your name announced (if you choose), and fireworks as a grand finale. I have worked with the City of Royal, Royal City Police Department, Royal Slope Fire Department, and Grant County Health District, along with parents, Mrs. Lafser, Mrs. Jack, and your Senior Class Officers. It will be a great evening, and we ask that you help us out on June 5 by following Social Distancing and PPE guidelines that are in place. If the public health situation changes, we will postpone the parade until we have clearance to have it.

Here is the order of events:


We will meet at the Royal Intermediate School parking lot to organize the parade at 6:15 pm. It will be similar to our State Send Off’s. We will have the police and fire departments leading the procession. They will play “Pomp and Circumstance” as the parade moves along the attached route.  We want you to be dressed in your cap and gown.  We want you to decorate your car. Since we are varying from our normal graduation routine, it is only fitting that we do a few things differently for this year.  1. Decorate your caps!!! 2. Noisemakers are encouraged!!!  Parents and immediate family members should be in the car with the graduate. We want everyone to be safe and want the Graduates to be able to enjoy the experience and wave to people. You also get to drive by each of the Royal Schools you have attended.

Walk Across the Stage

The parade will end in the RIS parking lot.  We must maintain social distance and park in every other parking space.  You must remain in your car until it is your turn to walk across the stage.  We will have a stage set up in the stadium with diploma covers on a table You and your immediate family may enter the stadium. You must maintain social distance between families, and we will have people to help make sure this happens. You can walk across the stage, pick up your diploma cover, flower, and have your name and parents’ names announced. Please bring the enclosed Announcement Form, to give it to the announcer.  Lisa Dorsing will be there to take pictures; her order form is also enclosed. After you have your name announced you are to return to your car and stay in your car, or you can leave and return for the fireworks.  Restroom facilities will not be available.

Fireworks Show

The fireworks show will start no sooner than 9:15pm or after the last graduate has walked across the stage. The RIS parking lot is reserved for 2020 Graduates and their immediate family. Once again, we must make sure we are following social distancing guidelines. You must remain in your car.  All of the other Royal School District parking lots are open to other family members to watch the show. Restroom facilities will not be available.

Graduation Ceremony Video

We are going to make a video of the ceremony including speeches by Mrs. Knight and Florentino Popoca.  We will have pictures from the parade and will even have some drone footage. We are asking that you email 2-3 photos of what you and your family did that was memorable on Graduation Day to be included in the video. If you want you can use the slide that the Senior Class Officers have emailed you.  Once the video is done it will be posted on RSD Facebook and the RHS web page. You can submit any pictures to Mrs. Henson at shenson@royalsd.org


This part is actually the normal procedure.  Starting Monday, June 8, you can come to the RHS Office to pick up your diploma. To get your diploma, you need to ensure the following:

  • Turn in any books or uniforms.  
  • If you have a Chromebook, it must be turned in.
  •  If you have a hot spot, it must be turned in unless you have siblings at home; in that case, we need a name so we can reassign it to your sibling. 
  • If you have a fine, it must be paid. 

I look forward to seeing you all on June 5th to celebrate the happy moment of graduating and taking the next step in life. 


Rick Follett

Royal High School Principal