Scholarship Corner

It's Scholarship Season!


DREAMers, there are plenty of scholarships out there for you as well.

Check out the DREAMers's Roadmap and the Dreamer's Binder for more information.

College Scholarships

Colleges also provide lots of scholarships, so be sure to talk to the college reps and check out websites for applications and deadlines!

Need someone to review your application before submitting?

Don't forget the Scholarship Junkies can help in a big way!


Students can register with scholarship websites to get additional information about scholarships for which they may be eligible.

  • DREAMer's Roadmap: This is a website designed to help undocumented students on the the path to college while providing a list of scholarships for DREAMers.
  • The scholarship site: This is a free web-based scholarship clearinghouse that matches Washington scholarship seekers with Washington scholarship providers. Students can go online and create their profile, and then will get matches for open scholarships where you meet ALL the criteria. You will need to enter your GPA and grade level, field of study and careers, personal info page, colleges being considered and affiliated organizations or companies. If you created a profile last year, you will need to go in and update it ASAP. The website www.TheWASHBOARD.ORG
  • Washington Apple Education Foundation site: This Foundation has many scholarship opportunities for students raised in tree fruit districts. The current list and their descriptions are available online at:
  • Fastweb site: This website helps match students to scholarships. It's website is
  • High Five Scholarship site: This is a website created to help you find free money for college. Go to the website at: and check it out.
  • site: This is another website for students to create a profile and get help finding scholarships to apply for. There is no cost, and this website has been in business for over 13 years. Check it out.
  • The Christian Connector site: This service provides free Christian college information services as well as a $2,500.00 Christian college scholarship drawing. If you are planning on attending a Christian college, go to: to request information and to automatically be entered in the scholarship drawing. The telephone number is provided as well, and it is 800-667-0600.
  • Careers That Work! site Seniors who are choosing to go to certain technical schools (such as Perry Tech. and others) should see the counselor. RHS is allowed to issue five scholarships for $1,000.00 each to students that are eligible. Go to: for more information, and to see which colleges are eligible for the awards. Open until all the scholarships are spoken for.