Graduation Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements

Please refer to District Policy 2410 for complete details on graduation requirements in Royal School District. Additionally, the OSPI website provides a great deal of information for students and their families regarding Washington State's requirements at

Publication of Graduation Requirements

Prior to registering in high school, and each year thereafter each student and his/her parents or guardians will be provided with a copy of the graduation requirements in effect for that student (those in effect when the student enrolled in ninth grade). Graduation requirements will also be included in the student handbook.

Period of Eligibility to Earn Credits

Generally, credit towards high school graduation will be earned in grades nine through twelve. However, upon request, a student who has completed high school courses while in seventh or eighth grade will be given high school credit towards fulfilling graduation requirements if:

  1. The course was taken with high school students and the student successfully passed the same course requirements and examinations as the high school students enrolled in the class; or
  2. The course taught at the middle school level has been determined by the district to be similar or equivalent to a course taught at the high school level.

Total Number of Credits Required

Students will be expected to earn a total of _26credits in order to complete graduation requirements. A credit is defined as 180 (50 minute) hours of instruction. [District note: Credits required for graduation must be at least 20 for the classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018 and at least 24 for the classes of 2019 and beyond. A justification as to why credit requirements are above those required by the State Board of Education, if applicable, is appropriate here (e.g., “to ensure that students have an opportunity to partake in a broad variety of academic, occupational, cultural and recreational courses in order to enhance their quality of life in high school and in the future…”)]