School Improvement Plan

Royal High School School Improvement Student Growth Goals 2020-2021

By June 2021, RHS will improve future graduation rates by increasing the number of 9th Grade on Track students (defined as having no failed courses) by tracking first semester and second semester course failures.

By May 2021, RHS will improve graduation rates by increasing the number of credit retrieval options for 9th thru 12th grade students by the end of May, measured by identifying, creating, documenting, and communicating credit retrieval options, along with creating a grade level database of students in credit retrieval need.

By May 2021, RHS will improve student discourse and engagement, during whole class discussion, by using strategies to solicit participation from every student, measured by staff-lead learning walk data that tracks student opportunity to share thinking (through verbal, visual, written, or activity modalities), student opportunity to discuss higher order-thinking questions with their peers, and teacher’s use of participation strategies.

Download the 2020-2021 Student Growth Goals as a printable PDF here.