Students & Families

Dear RHS Parents and Guardians:

At Royal High School, students are engaged in rigorous and relevant educational experiences. Although it may seem as if our students are growing more independent each day, please do not underestimate the influence that you, as a family member, have on your student's education. I am often asked by families, "How can I best support my student's academic growth?" Here are my top 5 family support strategies:
  1. Ask them "What did you LEARN today?" This is a very different question than "What did you do today?"
  2. Post your student's class schedule in a high traffic area of your home (like on the computer or the refrigerator). This will prompt conversations by simply reminding you who their teachers are and what classes they are currently taking.
  3. Access your child's grades and attendance weekly on Skyward. Every student and parent has a unique usemame and password. Skyward provides your student's current grades and allows you to look at your student's attendance.
  4. We expect all Royal Knights to be reading for at least 20 minutes per day, in addition to their regular homework. Reading for pleasure is still reading! Help them find reading material they enjoy and ask them to retell you what they have read.
  5. Contact your child's teacher, Mrs. Lafser, or myself, if you have any questions or concerns about your student. Communication between school and home is vital to student success. Our staff is a team of dedicated adults who have chosen to work with students each and every day. We want to create powerful partnerships with you to ensure that everyone has a strong academic foundation.
The future for our children is very bright, and together we will be able to ensure that our students have all of the necessary tools to engage in meaningful learning that will prepare them for college, work, and life.