Dress Code

Royal High School looks upon appropriate dress as a key component of the educational process. School prepares students for success. While security and safety continue to be the driving forces behind the following policy, they are not the only factors.

Royal High School dress code follows accepted business attire that includes all security and safety factors to assure a healthy learning environment. Any articles of clothing that include color, slogans, and numbers that relate to violence, prohibited substances, offenses against creed or gender, or articles of
immodesty are not to be worn at Royal High School.

Appropriate dress is expected at all RHS sponsored events, including, but not limited to, dances, ASB activities, parent/student meetings, and sporting events. RHS reserves the right to refuse entrance to any RHS sponsored event due to inappropriate clothing.

Students who willingly choose to dress inappropriately will be asked to change. If the student does not have appropriate clothes, they may be provided with clothing from the school. Otherwise, arrangements must be made for students to go home or for parents to bring clothes to school. Violations of school
dress policies will result in disciplinary action. Items may be confiscated for evidentiary purposes.