Cover Letter Information And Content

  1. The senior cover letter is real information about you-the writer.
  2. First paragraph is the introduction of the job, where you heard about this job, and your educational background.
  3. Second paragraph is real information about you:
    • The skills you have learned while attending certain classes at Royal High School
    • The Senior Project and what it taught you about skills, attitude, aptitude, etc.
    • That special project (s) that you did for _________ and what you learned.
    • It is a real paragraph about you-your story and what you accomplished-your experiences.
    • It can be simply a paragraph of personal aptitudes, such as "hard worker, dependability, interpersonal, etc." and how you demonstrate these aptitudes.
    • This paragraph tells concisely and simply what you can do for the proposed job and employer.
    • Do not make up information for this paragraph!

  4. Third paragraph covers some of the following:
    • Interests and hobbies.
    • Leadership, awards, and achievements earned while in high school.
    • Community oriented activities and your involvement.
    • Specialized skills such as bilingual and bi-literature abilities

    Both paragraphs-2 and 3- are real information sections about you!

  5. Final Paragraph- follow the example.